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It's Election Season!

It is time for your to elect your Sabbatical Officers for the 2023-24 academic year! See below your candidates for SU President of Education and Representation and SU President of Community and Welfare, read their manifestos and then follow the link to vote on the VLE. 

The elections are overseen by a Deputy Returning Officer, Arran Cottam ( who has the responsibility to see the elections carried out fairly and democratically. As a current President, Nat Dalkiewicz is also on hand to talk to you about the campaigning process and Presidential roles, as is Patrycja Poplawska the SU Administrator.


Nat, Patrycja and Arran will be on hand to discuss anything to do with elections either at the SU, in person, or over Teams before the results are announced on Friday 15th March. 

President of Community and Welfare Candidates 

President of Education and Representation Candidates 

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