From August 2021 there will be two Sabbatical Officers working in the Students' Union, representing the student body and helping make the NUA student experience the best it can be. Could you be the next President or our first ever Vice President?!... 


Who can nominate themselves?

Any final year student (Undergrad Third Years or Postgrad Final Years) who is finishing their studies this summer are eligible to nominate themselves and run in the elections as either SU President or SU Vice President. Both Officer roles are full time (35 hours a week) and run from 1st August 2021 to 31st July 2022.

We use the Alternative Transferable Voting (ATV) method to carry out the election. More information about this is explained in this video.

Is the role of Vice President different to the role of President?


The role of President and Vice President are very different. Both elected individuals will work together on representing students and making the NUA university experience the best it can be. Meanwhile, the President and Vice President will have their own focuses, priorities, projects and meetings to attend. Read the job descriptions below to find out more information on either role:

How does the election process work?


Final year students (Third Year Undergrads, and final year Postgrads) are invited to nominate themselves for either the President or Vice President role. They will create a manifesto that explains the changes they would like to make if they were elected. In March the Students' Union will publish these manifestos, alongside lots more promotion and campaign material from the candidates. This will help students make their decision on who their favourites candidates are. On 8th March the online voting portal will open, and all students have three days to cast their votes in the President and Vice President elections. The results will be announced on 12th March. The successful candidates will start their roles in August 2021. 

Could you be the 2021-2022 President or Vice-President? Here's how to nominate yourself: 


Students who would like to be part of the election process , will need to nominate themselves. To formalise this, they must complete a Nomination Form. Nominations open on Monday 22nd February and close on Wednesday 3rd March. If you would like to nominate yourself for either the role of President or Vice President, please download a Candidate Pack (available below) and contact Hannah Linsdell


If you have any questions about the elections, either of the roles or how to nominate yourself please get in touch with Hannah.


Nomination window

Monday 22nd February to Wednesday 3rd March:

All final year students are invited to submit their nomination to become either SU President or SU Vice President.


Monday 8th to Thursday 11th March: Candidates (students who have nominated themselves) will campaign on social media - telling students why they believe others should vote for them. 


Monday 8th to Thursday 11th March: All NUA students will have the opportunity to cast their votes in the elections for their preferred President candidate and Vice President candidate. This will be online.

Results announced

Friday 12th March: The Students' Union will announce the elections results. The names of the 2021/22 President and Vice President will be confirmed. The two elected individuals will start their roles in August 2021

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