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Student Support

Starting university often offers a first taste of independence and, whatever your background, becoming a student can raise a lot of questions. The Norwich University Student Support Team offer guidance and a wide range of support for students who are experiencing difficulties.

Student Support are located on Floor 2 of Francis House. You can make appointments to see Student Support at the Student Enquiries office in St Georges or at Francis House Reception, by phone (on 01603 610561) or by email (

The bookable appointments run from 10 – 4pm Monday to Friday with a drop-in facility between 9am - 12pm on Monday & Wednesday mornings and between 1pm-4pm on Friday afternoons. These operate on a first come, first served basis in Francis House. Evening drop-in's also run throughout the term; one in St George's and one in Boardman House. Details of all the drop-ins can be found on the NUA intranet.

The University launched a new Case Management System in October 2023 called OurNorwichUni, for students to submit queries and cases online to Student Support and Academic Support. You can do this by going to where you will be logged in via single sign-on and complete a webform corresponding to the team you require support from.


You can also approach your Course Leader, Tutor, PAL, Student Rep or Students' Union President who, with your permission, can pass information on to the team




If you think you may have dyslexia then you can book a screening if you are in Year 0, 1 or 2 of your course by contacting 01603 610561 or emailing You will need to collect screening paperwork to complete from Francis House Reception.

If you are a postgraduate student, please make contact as soon as possible by emailing as NUA may be able to screen you for Dyslexia if you are in the early stages of your course. If you are an undergraduate Year 3 student, please contact us on to discuss your situation.

If the screening suggests that you have Dyslexia, we recommend you have a full diagnostic assessment and the Student Support Team will refer you on for this. NUA can help with some or all of the costs , depending on your financial situation. Students who are eligible for the bursary will receive a full contribution. Students who are not eligible for the bursary will receive a partial contribution, and will need to pay £100 towards the cost of the assessment.

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

If you would like to know more about the DSA do make an appointment with the Disability Support Advisor. For information about DSA view the website here.


The University provides counselling through an independent service called the Norwich Centre which is located on Earlham Road. It offers a person-centred counselling approach and you can refer yourself by calling 01603 613515 or emailing stating you are a Norwich University student.  Students are also welcome to arrange an appointment with the help of Student Support if they prefer. The Norwich Centre will first arrange an exploratory appointment with you to find out whether counselling is suitable for you.



Many students will encounter new and challenging experiences during their studies, so Student Support are available to all students for any advice and guidance needed. Students can make an appointment either for an informal chat, or to find out about a range of services that may be useful, both inside and outside the University. Some of this information can be found on the intranet pages under Student Services and Student Support, or you can email the team at


For information about Student Finance including Tuition Fees, Maintenance Loans and Grants and the NUA Bursary do visit our Intranet page. There are also details about the Emergency Loan Scheme and Financial Support Fund for students who might find themselves in financial hardship as well as some useful money management and budgeting hints and tips.


The University currently has four residences available to new students – All Saints Green, St Crispins House, Duke Street Riverside and Beechcroft. Most NUA students live in private rented housing. Four Student Wardens live at Beechcroft, usually in their second or third year of study at the University. They can point students in the right direction for advice and guidance, and share their experiences of moving away from home. For information on the Wardens, accommodation or the housing list do visit the Intranet pages here or email the Accommodation Officer in Student Support.


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