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Fraud Alerts

In recent months there has been a number of scams and phishing attacks targeted at students across the UK. 

Fraudsters pretend to be from "legitimate" companies (such as the Police or local Council) claiming to require sensitive or personal data about student related issues including Visas, Council Tax, Student Finance, Income Tax and Rent. To help you remain vigilant, you can see a live log of phishing attacks and scams (that NUA is aware of) by accessing the "Fraud Alert" widget on the Student Support intranet page. 

If ever in doubt, please seek advise from NUA staff before responding to any requests. Here are some other hints and tips on how to stay safe:

  • always consider if an email or text is genuine (e.g. were you expecting the email/text? Does it look official?)

  • be very wary of clicking on links in any emails you receive

  • do not open suspicious attachments   

  • never provide personal information unless 100% confident of the recipient's purpose

  • ensure that your personal devices have anti-virus software fully updated

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