Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a student board chaired by the SU President, with the primary purpose of guidance, approval and accountability for the Union.


The following positions on the board will become available at the start of each new academic year. Student Reps and Club/Society Officers are entitled to committee membership:


Year 0 (x2)

Year 1 (x2)

Year 2 (x2)

Year 3 (x2)

Post-Graduate Full Time (x1)

Post-Graduate Part Time (x1)

Clubs/Society Officers (x2)

Liberation Officers (x6)


Student Reps will be invited to stand for the positions on the board and in the case of more than the allotted amount of students standing for one position, an election will be held. The same process will also be held at the first Club & Society Officers meeting of the academic year.

The Students' Union's budget, changes to the constitution and areas of focus will all be approved, amended, or rejected by a vote of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee have overall say on the activities of the Union and can hold the President to account, instigating a vote of no confidence if necessary. 

Minutes are taken at all Steering Committee meetings and are published once confirmed as a true and accurate representation of the discussions. You can view the minutes on the NUA Intranet.