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2023-2024 Liberation Officers

Liberation Officers campaign, support and work to represent a specific demographic of students at NUA. The positions are voluntary and students are elected into position. You can be in any course or year group to be a Liberation Officer as well as self-identify as being part of the liberation group you are Officer of. For example, you must self-identify as female to run as Womens Officer. 


We have six Liberation Officers:

BAME Officer (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

Daniel Dwyer


Disabled Students Officer

May Gauntlett

International Students Officer

Aurora Engen

LGBTQ+ Officer

Jasmine Shelley

Mature Students Officer

Anita Bembere

Women's Officer
Esme Ransom

The six NUASU Liberation Officers work to ensure that the voices of minority groups are heard on campus. They support and campaign to improve the welfare of students at NUA, and run campaigns to raise awareness of issues affecting students’ lives.


Liberation Officers sit on the NUASU Steering Committee, are invited to attend some University meetings and have constant contact with the Students’ Union Presidents. Liberation Officers aim to ensure that Norwich University and NUASU’s actions do not unfairly exclude, neglect or discriminate against any section of the student body. 

Liberation Officers are elected into the positions every Spring ready for the academic year to start in September. 

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