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Women+ Students 


Women+ Students Officer: 

Hi I’m Esme Ransom the Womens Students Officer at NUASU! I work with the university and other student officers to represent, support and campaign on behalf of Women+ Students at NUA.  

As a student officer, I sit on the Students’ Union Steering Committee and work alongside the SU President to ensure the interests, ideas and feedback of Women+ Students are heard and acted on. Here are some of the things you can contact me about: 

  • Campaigns, projects or initiatives – if you have an idea, we want to hear it! 

  • Feedback, complaints or concerns relating to your experience of studying at NUA or living in Norwich. 

  • Representation of mature students at SU, University and National level.  

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me via: 

Interested in this role?  

Our Liberation officers are elected annually in the summer term and start their role from September. You can view the role description here. If you think you would be a great Women's officer, nominate yourself when elections open! 

 Support at NUA: 

NUA aims to be an inclusive and supportive campus. However, we know sometimes things can go wrong on and off campus. If you would like to speak to the SU, please contact the Womens Officer or You can also pop in to the SU Lounge, located in the basement of St Andrews House during normal office hours for a confidential chat.  

During your studies, Student Support are available to help with a wide range of issues that might affect you.

Student Support are located on Floor 2 of Francis House. You can make appointments to see Student Support at the Student Enquiries office in St Georges or at Francis House Reception, by phone (on 01603 610561) or by email (

The bookable appointments run from 10 – 4pm Monday to Friday with a drop-in facility between 9am - 12pm on Monday & Wednesday mornings and between 1pm-4pm on Friday afternoons. These operate on a first come, first served basis in Francis House. Evening drop-in's also run throughout the term; one in St George's and one in Boardman House. Details of all the drop-ins can be found on the NUA intranet.



External Support Providers:  

  • Leeway - independent charity providing support to adults, young people and children who are experiencing domestic abuse in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

  • This Girl Can Active Norfolk – a campaign celebrating women in all shapes, sizes and abilities and recognises and breaks down barriers which prevent women and girls from playing sport and being physically active. 

  • Fierce Babe - organise quarterly makers markets that showcases that best and upcoming talents of women, those who identify as women or non-binary and work that supports women.

Activism and Campaigns: 

Here are some campaign areas that we are continuously lobbying on: 

Justice for Women: Organising Call:  

Following the tragic death of Sarah Everard and other events, The President designed and held an emergency call with students from NUA, as well as Arts University Bournemouth. Both institutions came together hold a safe space where students could write letters to their Local MP’s asking for short term and long-term safety solutions for women. It was also utilised as a memorial space to remember Sarah Everard and all other women who have suffered the consequences of violence, harassment and misogyny. 

Safer Taxi Scheme:  

If for any reason you haven’t got enough cash to get home from a night out, event or activity we’ve got your back. The scheme allows you to get home safely, and not pay your fare at the time of the journey. To find out more about the scheme and how it works please click here.  

If you would like to speak to the SU about an issue or campaign idea, please contact the Women’s Officer or You can also pop in to the SU Lounge, located in the basement of St Andrews House during normal office hours for a confidential chat. There is an accessible lift down to the basement level through the brown doors to the left of St Andrews House main entrance. 

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