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Welcome to NUA Students' Union!

Norwich University of the Arts Students’ Union exists to support you to make the most of your student experience whilst studying at Norwich University of the Arts. The SU's ultimate goal is to ensure all students have the best possible time at Norwich University of the Arts by striving to make sure that all students are treated fairly and equally. 
At the heart of the SU are the values of being independent, creative, and supportive. The Students' Union operates independently besides the university, with dedicated Student Officers, Student Reps, and Society Officers working to improve your education, run events, and make social change.  
Our Student Officers work for students, and navigate through student facing issues. As they represent you, they are always keen to hear your thoughts to direct their work and efforts. Are there any events you would like to see? Are you disappointed with any University facilities or services, which the Officers can lobby to change? Are there any pressing issues you would like the Union to address? Let us know! 


Our student Union officers have enacted major changes over the years and played big roles in transforming the University. Did you know that the Quiet Space, which can be found in the St Andrews basement, was a student union project? Or that Union Officers are regularly involved in the recruitment of senior staff around the University? 
Clubs and Societies are the powerhouse of every university; these are the responsibility of the Students Union. NUASU coordinates and funds clubs and societies; currently there are over thirty, from Salsa and Netball to Life Drawing and Disney. Check out the full list here.  

Most student groups are available for free, to maximises accessibility and reduce hidden costs of attending university. Some sports and dance clubs will have a small fee, to enable the booking of external facilities for their activity and purchase/hire of equipment!  
While the list of Societies is long and diverse, each one of you may have your own idea of what society you would like to see at NUASU. So why not set one up?! Get in touch with your SU to discuss your idea.  

NUASU is affiliated with the National Union of Students! NUS represents college and university students across the country, and often interacts with the government on student issues. NUS is a campaigning force, some of their current campaigns include protecting student tenants rights and addressing the Cost of Living Crisis! 

Make sure you have followed us on social media, to always stay up to date with your Officer team and the various opportunities the Union provides! 

Get to know us! 

Reece is our President of Education and Representation and graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2023 with a Degree in Acting. Reece's remit covers academic representation, student voice and lobbying at university, local and national level for change. You can contact Reece about anything related to the SU, the university or student life via 
Nat is our President of Community and Welfare. This is their second year in their role, having graduated in 2022 with a Degree in Graphic Communication. Nat's remit covers welfare and inclusivity, clubs and societies and student-led activities. Every Monday, you will find the NUA SU Newsletter in your inbox, in which Nat updates you on all union affairs and opportunities for you to get involved with – make sure you check it out! If you have a campaign, society, or event idea, you can contact

The SU offices are in the SU Lounge – this can be found in the basement of St Andrews Building. Down here we have a small kitchen with free tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as a microwave and a toaster for all students to use! You will also find a community pantry, which always welcomes donations and is available for any student who needs it.  


Here at the SU, we have an open door policy. We are always keen to hear your ideas and get your feedback. Just pop by for a chat, or email Nat or Reece.


Reece Lee

SU President of Education and Representation



Nat Dalkiewicz

SU President of Community and Welfare


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