Welcome to NUA Students' Union!

Norwich University of the Arts Students’ Union is an independent, democratic organisation representing all students at Norwich University of the Arts.

At the heart of the Union’s responsibilities are student experience, learning and teaching, welfare, advice and national politics. The Students' Union is also responsible for liaising with the University on behalf of the student body, championing their views as the official voice of the students.

The Students' Union trains and works closely with Student Reps to ensure the SU is informed of arising issues and is working on what is most important for students. 

Representation is just the tip of the SU iceberg!... The SU coordinates and funds clubs and societies; currently there are over thirty, from Swimming and Netball to Harry Potter and Disney. Check out the full list here.

Welfare is another important part of the SU's work. The elected President is a recent graduate of NUA and works full-time for the student body. Natalie is the current President and graduated from NUA in 2020 with a Degree in Illustration. The President's office is in the SU Lounge, and has an open door policy. Just pop by for a chat, or email su.president@nua.ac.uk if you'd like to book a meeting. The President is supported the SU Administrator, who also works in the SU Offices and is additionally available to give support and advice. 

The SU's ultimate goal is to ensure all students have the best possible experience at NUA by striving to make sure that all students are treated fairly and equally.


Contact Us: 01603 610561   /  su.president@nua.ac.uk   /  Francis House, 3-7 Redwell Street, Norwich, NR2 4SN

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