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You Say Day is an opportunity for you to tell us what you like about NUA, what you think needs changing, or an idea for something new. Big or small, we want to hear it! 

When you submit your feedback, you write it down on a You Say Day form. The form asks for your idea or feedback and nothing else. You can let us know your course and year group (as this helps us identify themes) if you would like to, but to keep it anonymous we don't ask for your name.

Want to know what's happened since the first You Say Day in 2018? Have a look below...

The date of the next You Say Day will be announced soon!

You Said, We Did

You Said:

More entrepeneurial opportunities for students to sell work and promote themselves.

We Did:

In December 2018 we had our first student art fair which gave students the opportunity to sell work, cards, prints, gifts etc. Following the success of the event we hope to make this a termly event.

You Said:

More vegan options in the NUA café

We Did:

There are now additional vegan sweet and savoury options in the café, including a falafel and humous salad, brownies, carrot cake and chocolate cookies.

We also designed and printed 'vegan' labels for the café to put on vegan options so it is easier to see what options are available. 

You Said:

For more sanitary products to be available in all toilets in St Andrews House.

We Did:

The SU expanded the 'Love Free Periods' campaign and added boxes with sanitary products in toilets on all floors of St Andrews House.


The products are there for students who may need them in our campaign against period poverty.

You Said:

More help for societies to advertise events.

We Did:

We've fixed Students' Union poster frames on the backs of toilet doors across campus. These are a platform for clubs and societies to promote themselves (and we'll pay for the printing too!...).

Working On It

You Said:

More gender neutral toilets across campus. 

After the first gender neutral toilet was successfully campaigned for in November 2018, we are continuing to campaign and ask the University for more across campus.  

You Said:

More work by current students and graduates around campus - in studios and corridors. 


The Students' Union President is due to walk around the University

campus with the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic) in March to identify where artwork can go up.

Not This Time

You Said:

For there to be microwaves and kettles for students to use.


We're struggling to find a suitable location on campus for the microwaves and kettles to go. We'll keep looking into it!... 

You Said:

Wireless printing from laptops and phones.


We agree that wireless printing would be incredible, but unfortunately this suggestion is going to take some time. We've asked the University about the possibility, and will keep you updated on any progress we make.