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Students' Union Vice President: Activities, Welfare and Inclusion

NUA Students' Union is the representative voice of all NUA students. The Union is an independent, autonomous, and democratic organisation whose members are NUA students who automatically become members of the Union. The President and Vice President are elected by ballot via an online election open to all NUA students. The Union is governed by a constitution; the President is responsible, alongside the Vice President, for ensuring that all elements of the constitution are upheld and that the Union is appropriately governed.

The President and Vice President are elected as leaders of the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union President assumes the role of Student Governor on the University Council, representing the voice of students at the University Academic Board and act as the NUS voting delegate. The Students’ Union President’s role is to uphold the representation of the Student Voice and ensure the Student Experience is the best it can be. The Students’ Union Vice President oversees the welfare and inclusion of all NUA students, also keeping the University accountable, but with specific focus on the wellbeing and inclusivity of students. The Vice President also works closely with affiliated club and societies and arranges activities and events for NUA students to be a part of.

The President and Vice President are elected into their roles in the Union as a representative organisation in accordance with the Education Act 1994 with a maximum of two terms of service. This maximum length of service is to include either or both roles.

As well as democracy and representation the Union facilitates social and recreational activities to enhance and enrich University life, coordinating a clubs and societies program. This area of the Union’s work is led by the Students’ Union Vice President: Activities, Welfare, and Inclusion. The Students’ Union President is responsible for supporting the Vice President with this, as appropriate.

NUA Students’ Union Vice President
Full Time 35 hours per week | 25 days annual leave
  1. Financial reporting of the Union budget, with particular regard to activities, welfare and inclusion

  2. Be the secondary budget signatory on the Students’ Union’s bank account and account services

  3. Represent the voice of NUA students at select University committees; including Learning Teaching & Quality Committee, Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Academic Board, and any relevant sub-committees

  4. Ensure all elements of the Union’s Constitution are upheld

  5. Uphold the objectives of the Union’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023 with specific focus on ensuring strong levels of wellbeing and inclusion are being maintained

  6. To liaise and work with Sabbatical colleagues (Students’ Union President) holding each other to account and collaboratively working together on shared goals

  7. To be an active member of the SU Steering Committee and to undertake the role of Deputy Chair

  8. To accept actions from the Steering Committee and to engage constructively to scrutiny and feedback

  9. Ensure the election of Student Reps and Liberation Officers is carried out fairly, upholding democracy

  10. Assist the President with the delivery and training of Student Representatives and Liberation Officers

  11. To attend Student Forums and Student Reps Groups as organised by University staff. Attendance is to be shared with the Students’ Union President as appropriate

  12. Advocate on students’ individual and collective behalf and champion the student voice, particularly on issues related to welfare and inclusion

  13. To be the Students’ Union lead representative on welfare and inclusivity issues, including widening participation, promoting inclusive representation of NUA’s student body

  14. Provide independent advice and guidance to student members on welfare issues

  15. Manage all affiliated clubs and societies

  16. Organise the Union’s social and welfare events

  17. To work outside contracted hours when necessary, particularly to oversee club and society activity, and Union social events such as Freshers

  18. To support the involvement of as many students in the Students’ Union and its activities as possible

  19. To manage the Union’s social media platforms and website, and to take responsibility for promoting Union events and keeping information up to date and accessible for students

  20. Hold the University to account over all decisions regarding students, in the interest of Union members

  21. To attend and participate in relevant wellbeing and mental health training and learning enhancement opportunities

  22. Organise campaigns alongside the Union President in the interest of the Union’s members. These will have particular regard to areas of activity of the Vice President, such as welfare and inclusivity

  23. Respond to the student mandate on matters of Union policy and deliver personal manifesto promises

  24. Have an awareness of wider Higher Education issues as well as national and global politics

  25. To share the responsibility with the President to represent NUASU at relevant University Open Days, providing information to prospective students about the Students’ Union and NUA student experience represent NUA students’ views in NUS democracy by attending the NUS National Conference as NUASU observer

  26. Manage the hand-over period with newly elected Officers, ensuring all hand-over documents are up to date and detailed

  27. Ensure that all club and society documents are kept up to date with students’ safety at the forefront of all advice issued, ensuring that all rules and regulations are followed by all club and society Officers.

2023 elections (Twitter Post) (1920 × 1080px) (1154 × 281px).png
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