covid-19 society guidance

We have developed the guidance below in line with government guidance and NUA policy. It has been designed to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission in order to keep our community safe. We therefore ask all students to play their part in ensuring this guidance is followed to protect yourselves and your peers, and to ensure we can continue to support and protect student club and society activity.


In the event the Students’ Union is not satisfied that society activity is being carried out as outlined we will have no choice but to revert all society activity to entirely online. This is new territory for us and we recognise that this guidance may need to adapt and change at short notice, so please work with us to overcome the challenges we face collectively so we can support as wide a range of safe in-person activity as possible.

Key Principles


  • We have your safety at the heart of everything we do, we won’t approve an activity if we feel it is a risk to you.  

  • All decisions about which activities can take place will be in line with the UK government and NUA specific guidance. Activities and meetings will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Where necessary (ie for sports societies) we will direct and defer to guidance developed by appropriate bodies (ie England Rugby).

  • Despite the control methods, no activity is without risk, and should be up-to individuals to decide which activities they feel comfortable taking part in.

  • Where in-person activity is being delivered, society officers must ensure all relevant control measures are enacted.

  • For anything not stated in this guidance, government guidance must be followed.

  • We will issue societies holding face to face meetings/activities with club specific “COVID packs” to keep you all as safe as possible (these will include cleaning supplies).


Additional roles of society officers


  • Have a full understanding of the activity’s approved COVID-19 risk assessment and ensure it is followed at all times.

  • Ensure that the specified room capacity for your activity (in line with your risk assessment, and room capacity guidelines) is never exceeded.

  • Ensure that you are present at every society meeting, and that you are included in the room capacity number.

  • Report any concerns about activity, potential breaches or issues to the Union as soon as possible. [email the President at or call 01603 751470].



Attendance Recording:


  • Society Officers will be required to take a register of all members present at society meetings. This is to track and trace everyone who participates in society activity. Attendee data will be kept for 28 days.

  • This data may be requested from NHS Test and Trace in the event of an outbreak.

  • Society officers are responsible for ensuring a register is taken and emailed to the Students’ Union – we will be carrying out spot checks to ensure data is being collected appropriately.



Incident Reporting


Any person becoming unwell with Coronavirus symptoms, should be sent home immediately and the matter reported to NUA (students to report to Course Admin –


In conjunction with NUA cleaning procedures, any equipment used by the person should be cleaned and disinfected straight away.


General guidance

  • Until government guidelines change regarding gatherings larger than 6 people, we will not be approving off-campus society activities. The only exceptions to this rule are sports training sessions and worship. Clubs and Societies can only meet-up on campus, during meetings/activities that have been approved by the SU.

  • All students will be required to wear a mask during society meetings, regularly wash hands or sanitise (at a minimum on arrival and before leaving) and maintain social distancing of 2 meters with anyone who is not within their household.

  • Every activity will have to be risk assessed before carried out, and no activity proposal will be considered that hasn’t been submitted at least 2 weeks before the event date.

  • You will have to submit a meeting proposal/overview, and risk assessment prior to any meetup taking place (again, with 2 weeks’ notice). If you fail to do any of these parts, we will not approve your meeting to go ahead.

  • Meetings will be subject to room availability, meaning we may ask you to change your provisional date or time if this clashes with another event.

  • No club or society group activity should take place in anyone’s home, even if social distancing can be maintained. These spaces are not regarded as COVID-19 secure and therefore government guidelines must be followed.

  • Cash mustn’t exchange hands at any point in any activity. If there is a cost or ticket price, the SU can setup an online store on the NUASU website.

  • Any waste generated from your activity must be disposed of in a rubbish bin.

Face Coverings

  • You are strongly encouraged to wear a face cover at all times during all club and society meet ups in accordance with NUA guidance.  

  • We recognise there may be good reasons why you’re not able to wear a face mask which include:

    • If you have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering.

    • If putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress.

    • If you are with, providing assistance or talking to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate.

    • If you need to drink or take medication.

  • Please do not challenge anyone who isn’t wearing a mask, this isn’t your responsibility.

  • If any individuals show symptoms of COVID-19 they should self-isolate in line with government guidelines immediately, seek a test from the NHS, and inform course admin (

Symptoms include:

  • A high Temperature

  • A new continuous cough

  • A loss or change in your smell or taste.

  • Any individual who displays symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend any club or society activities throughout their period of self-isolation.


Holding meetings: indoors

  • The number of individuals attending any activity indoors will be limited to the room capacity. The largest bookable room is capped at 30 people. The SU Lounge is capped at 25 people.

  • The capacity of the room in use must be specifically designated ‘COVID-19’ capacity set by NUA Estates and Health and Safety teams.

  • Clubs and Society Officers should use booking systems (the SU can help set one up for you) to ensure the maximum number of attendees is not exceeded. We do encourage officers to ensure a fair mix of individuals who wish to take part in face-to-face activity to attend on a rotational basis.

  • Society officers must also use a book themselves a place on the online store, to ensure the room capacity is not exceeded.

  • Event proposals and room bookings will be approved by email confirmation. You MUST NOT advertise an event unless confirmed by the SU President.

  • Rooms on campus that are used by societies must be used during the meeting and left after the meeting just as they were found. Furniture is not to be moved and windows are to be left open.

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be available and should be used regularly – at a minimum before entering spaces and when you leave.

  • All surfaces will be cleaned by the NUA cleaning team regularly with sanitiser between activities.

  • Food consumption during society meetups is not allowed. 

 Holding meetings: outdoors

NUASU cannot permit off campus activities during the Autumn Term but speak to us if your activity cannot be conducted inside.

Pre-activity checklist

Before any in-person activity can take place, Society Officers must:

  • Have read and understood the guidance on this webpage

  • Have filled in a risk assessment form  

  • Have completed an overview/proposal form

  • Confirm that you are aware of the COVID guidelines and you are happy to follow them

  • You are aware of our track and trace procedures

  • Ensure all Society Officers/activity leaders have read your risk assessment

  • Have measures in place to ensure the maximum capacity of each activity is not surpassed.

Sports at NUA

  • In most cases, with precautions in place, sports societies are allowed to meet and train. Risk assessments must comply to the sport’s specific governing bodies guidelines (e.g England Rugby for our Rugby Society).

  • Only no contact sport will be permitted to run. Social distancing, maintaining high personal hygiene, and regularly washing and sanitising hands are essential.

  • Sports Society officers are encouraged to contact the Students’ Union to liaise about plans for the Autumn Term.


We will not be permitting food at any clubs or society events this term.


You will have to adhere to the COVID-19 maximum capacity of the place of worship, and still go through the regular procedure (risk assess and society event proposal).

External speakers

  • Events involving external speakers are to be held online.

  • The external speaker form can be found HERE and must be completed and returned to the Students’ Union at least four weeks before the date of the proposed event.


Click here to download a risk assessment form

needed for all in-person events

needs submitting at least two weeks before your event

Click here to download an online store details form

needed for all in-person events

needs submitting at least two weeks before your event

Click here to download an

in person event proposal form

needed for all in-person events

needs submitting at least two weeks before your event

Click here to download an online event  

details form

optional form for online events 

Click here to download A funding request form

needs submitting at least two weeks before your event