President Candidate:

Nyka Skinder


Proposer: Benjamin Mountford 

Seconder: Emily Cook 

What is the main change you want to see at NUA?

I want the SU to feel more welcoming and be more approachable, as I am aware that not all students engage with it and I would like be able to change that. The SU is for students, I want to see more of them get involved! That would mainly translate into providing the relevant support students need, opening up the dialogue between the students, the SU and the university.

What are your objectives for your year in office?

  • Making the line of communication between the students and the university clearer, help everyone be heard and understood.

  • Find ways to provide more mental health support for students, especially the ones whose mental wellbeing has been heavily affected by the pandemic.

  • To increase a sense of community at the university and get people from all years and courses active and involved.

  • Bring awareness to the unique issues international students face. Being an EU student myself I understand what it’s like to study abroad and will do my best to bridge the gap we face.

What policies would you deliver if you were elected as Students' Union President?

  • Ensure that every student voice at NUA is heard.

  • Pushing for excellence! Make sure the students are getting everything they can out of their time here at NUA by making up for the time we all lost in the past year.

  • Move towards a sustainability-focused SU.

Why should students vote for you as the 2021/22 Students' Union President?

I am passionate about making a difference and will do everything I can to make the SU what the students want and need it to be. I will listen to what you have to say, ensure changes are being made, and do what I can so your experience at NUA is up to the highest standard.


What skills and experience do you bring to the role that makes you the best candidate?

I have been volunteering in different spheres from a young age which has taught me clear communication skills, and has made me a good listener and problem solver. That has also been a big part of my learning here at NUA, since my course – Film and Moving Image Production – is based on teamwork I have learned to compromise and collaborate, both vital skills to have as SU President. I feel very comfortable when leading but am also always open to suggestions from others. I work as a student ambassador at NUA which has taught me many valuable lessons when it comes to interacting with all sorts of people, as well as the university itself.


 the other candidates:

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