Vice President Candidate:

Jazz Simpson


Proposer: Emily Norfolk


Seconder: Ruby Millard 

What is the main change you want to see in welfare, activities and inclusion at NUA?

I would like to create more support for BAME, LGBT+ and disabled students, whether this be specific drop-in sessions or tailored “wellbeing workshops” like I have already mentioned. I feel that the university is currently lacking a supportive community-feel for students with disabilities (visible or invisible). This is something I would particularly like to improve for affected students by organising social events or check-ins with a member of student support present, to chat about DSA, any problems with reasonable adjustments or anything else that could be going on.

What are your objectives for your year in office?

To make up lost time for students returning in September by presenting varied, relaxed activities focusing on socialising.

To prioritise students’ wellbeing and mental health, working closely with the student support team and the Liberation Officers to bring about well-rounded and relevant events.

To have streamlined communication between the SU and the student body. Partly by restarting the SU blog with information about activities, news, events around Norwich and extras (such as book reviews). I also want to ensure that every student is aware of what help is available for them at any time in the year (such as extenuating circumstances).

What policies would you deliver if you were elected as Students' Union Vice President?

I would work with Administration to make changing names straightforward and clear for trans or non-binary students and providing the option for students to have their pronouns within profiles or on email signoffs, to reinforce that NUA is a safe and welcoming environment with allies to the LGBT+ movement all around.

I would like to start up “Wellbeing Workshops”, which are regular, low pressure, social spaces to meet new people. Similar to the interchange programme, but this would be run by students for students. The goal of these workshops is to introduce a way of being creative, social and mindful without the weight of work stress or deadlines attached. Some example activities could be skills-shares, taster sessions for clubs and societies, or community projects.

Why should students vote for you as the 2021-22 Students' Union Vice President?

I believe that university is so much more than an education: it is a self-affirming experience. If elected, I plan to increase the value placed upon of this side of university life, including its important social aspect. For many of us NUA is the first place we are free to truly explore our identity and express our authentic selves. I have the motivation and strong work ethic to really make a difference to the Student Union as we currently know it:  I have so many ideas that I am excited to potentially put into place!

What skills and experience do you bring to the role that makes you the best candidate?

I have personal experience with my invisible disability and queer identity and believe I could use this, along with my empathetic want to help others, to amplify the SU to its full potential. This familiarity allows me to have an understanding of the prominent and minute impacts disability can have on your education, and also an appreciation for the importance of LGBT+ and BAME perspectives. I am an approachable and caring person, with an eagerness to educate and better myself, to further advocate for you, and uplift your voices.


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