President Candidate:

Jazz Simpson

Proposer: Reece Lee


Seconder: Ryan Ip

Jazz headshot.JPG

Why should students place their vote with you?

I was the first Vice President of NUASU, which has allowed me to understand how and where the SU can be strengthened.

I have delivered on my original Manifesto, whilst increasing our number of clubs and societies to a record high, hosting popular events and getting stuck in with championing your voices on numerous university committees.

You can trust that your Students’ Union will be in good and dependable hands with me leading it onwards and upwards with an intersectional approach to positive change, and that I always give 110% when advocating for our NUA community.

What policies would you deliver if you became Students’ Union President?

Increasing our funding from the university, and reviewing the SU Strategic Plan:

  • To allow for an expansion of the SU team so that we can have more students involved in the running of the Union, via student staff positions.

  • To allow us to meet the demand we now have for SU campaigns and events (like roller disco) that have been so popular, and the great increase we have seen in clubs and societies engagement since I have been in post as VP.

Build upon my successful wellbeing workshop programme:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of mental health, wellbeing and burn out whilst studying and continue to provide fun and relaxing social events with a creative twist. With the long-term aim of cementing them as a recurring series beyond my time at NUASU.

Create an Extenuating Circumstances ‘money pot’:

  • For student’s that cannot afford to pay £30 for a doctor’s letter before their application is even considered.

Support our liberation officers in their important work:

  • Including peer support groups, campaigns, fundraisers and lobbying the university to make change - for example continuing to campaign for gender neutral toilets.

What is the main change you want to see at NUA?

I want to work with NUA to expand and diversify the student support team, to ensure there is fantastic, proactive support for all of our students, with tailored care for our liberation group students. 

I also want to hold NUA accountable for their current lack of accessibility and inclusivity, in and around campus buildings by making buildings more accessible with automatic doors etc. for our disabled students, as well as gender neutral toilets that are not restricted to disabled cubicles alone, to show that NUA is a welcoming environment inside and out.

What skills and experience do you bring to the role that make you the best candidate?

I have refined my skills and experience over the last year whilst working for you as the SU Vice-President, which gives me the qualities and confidence required to be the best President I can be, for our student body.

Therefore, I bring the best skills to this role as a:

  • Tenacious, resilient problem solver

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic leader

  • Attentive, approachable and empathetic person

As well as my qualified experience as the first ever Vice-President of NUASU, I also have personal experience with my queer identity and invisible disability, which allows me to see the value in all the work our liberation officers do, and how support for these students could be improved


What would you want to be remembered for after you completed your year as President?

Developing and expanding NUASU like never before, by achieving what I have already described, as well as:

· Taking the “open door” policy of the SU office a step further, with sabbatical officers’ drop-in sessions around campus “bringing the SU to U!”

· Making the SU lounge a ‘hive of collaboration’ with a collaboration station, skills share noticeboard, and more student artwork exhibited, to help connect students and ignite working relationships between courses.


 the other candidates:

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