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President 2023/24

Reece Lee

Proposer: Aoife Harrington-Tolfrey


Seconder: Oyindasola Asafa

What are your objectives for your year in office?

My priority is guaranteeing change in the following areas:

  1. Accountability

  2. Direction

  3. Inclusion

  4. Sustainability

Within our Union I want to ensure:

  • Better accountability from the Union and officers

  • Immediate cost of living support for student's

  • Transparency from the Union and staff

  • Genuine inclusion from NUASU and NUA

  • Sustainability

What policies would you deliver if you became Students’ Union President?

I will:

  • Hold the university accountable for their actions impacting your university experience.

  • Increase the Union Block Grant by 40% to provide the staffing structure the union must provide.

  • Promise to improve event capacity, allowing more opportunities for students to get involved with their union.

  • Why does an anti-trans activist have an honorary fellowship with us? I will question the university's stance on inclusion, using my voice on the many committees to ensure further policies around equality, diversity and inclusion, don’t just match policies from other universities, but raises the bar for universities to follow.

  • Stop unnecessarily increasing our unions footprint, reduce the amount of paper waste generated by the union, explore more sustainable options and ensure the university follow suit.

  • Ensure the student body’s voice is louder than ever to the union, through means of an open door/inbox policy, and the return of “You Say Day” events.

What is the main change you want to see at NUA and/or NUASU?

I want to commit to keeping the university accountable for their decisions around campus. Among a cost of living crisis, it is as important as ever to fight for the right for students to be given the financial support they need to live without feeling the need to go cold or hungry. The current support simply won't be good enough to support students in the upcoming 20% Energy Price Cap Rise. Therefore substantial support needs to be put in place over 2023/24 to support students with higher bills.

What skills and experience do you bring to the role that make you the best candidate?

I have worked within voluntary roles in the students union from the day I joined NUA. I've also sat on the steering committee for 3 years, holding the union and university accountable for the decisions that matter most to you!


With the years of experience both as a student rep, and as your disabled students liberation officer, comes the knowledge of what the university is strong at, as well as the weak points in the structure that need to be argued for and strengthened. I promise to use the Knowledge and passion I have gained over the past 3 years, to do my best to serve you!


What would you want to be remembered for after you completed your year as SU President?

I want to be remembered for my commitment to sustainable, positive and inclusive change around the NUA campus. While we are still coming out of the pandemic, it is important that I promote the positive product that comes from strong communities as well as the hope that comes from the knowledge of feeling supported and welcome around NUA!

Why should students vote for you as the 2023/24 Students' Union President?

Every vote I receive is a voice of support for improving the structure and finance of the students union to ensure EVERY Student, regardless of age, race, ability or gender, exercises their right of speech for the problems that matter most to them. After all, Your Union Matters!

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