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2018 - 2020!...

I've now come to the end of my role as NUA Students' Union President and it seems a good time to take a look back at the activities and successes of the SU during the two years that I have been in the position.

NUA Students' Union is dedicated to creating opportunities, working on the things that matter most to students, and advocating for the best student experience. I've been privileged and proud to represent you and work with the SU Administrator on the various projects, events, activities and campaigns.

There is no doubt we'd not be able to do what we do without the dedication, commitment and hard work of students who give time and hard work to helping and working with us. Throughout each year Union staff work with incredible students, Student Reps, Society Officers, Liberation Officers and the student Steering Committee. You’ve all added to the student experience here at NUA and have all been great to work with… it is hugely appreciated!

Over the past two years, the Union has achieved various goals, and made real progress on areas we know matter enormously to you. Thank you to all NUA students for engaging with our campaigns, giving us feedback, letting us know your thoughts and ideas and being a part of NUA SU. It’s down to you that the Union has achieved so much. From the both of us at the Students' Union, thank you!

It's been a wonderful, jam-packed two years, and here are just some of our highlights and wins for students!...

The creation of Liberation Officers positions

BAME Officer (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

Disabled Students Officer

International Students Officer

LGBT+ Officer

Mature Students Officer

Womens Officer

Campaign success: gender neutral toilets across campus

Registration with BUCS (British University and College Sport) to allow our NUASU sports teams and students to compete nationally against other Universities

Peaceful protests: making noise about important issues

New SU website

The creation of the Students' Union's three year strategic plan for 2020-2023

You Say Day and You Said, We Did campaign

Trained over 160 Student Reps

Sell out Summer Ball

Organised termly markets for students to sell work and products

Students' Union merchandise clothing - working with a sustainable company and designed by students

Weekly pet therapy sessions for students

Wellbeing campaigns

Transparency from the University on how student fees are spent

First ever representation at Norwich Pride

Trip to MCM Comic Con

Plant parties

Summer water sports

And so much more!....

Thank you NUA students for your support, friendships and commitment.

Keep in touch, don't be afraid to make mistakes and be proud of your skills. You are all incredibly talented and will each in your own way leave your mark here at NUA.

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