Vice President Candidate:

Sophie Perkins


Proposer: Alessandra Mukasa


Seconder: Maisie Sibthorpe 

What is the main change you want to see in welfare, activities and inclusion at NUA Students' Union?

As noted in a study, there is a growing number of trans and non-binary individuals within gen z in comparison to generations before it, NUA strives to be an accepting place for all. My main objective as Vice would to allow all people, trans or cis, the option to display their pro-nouns on their lanyards. In doing the aim is that trans and non-binary students will feel more comfortable using their preferred pronouns on campus, benefiting their wellbeing.

(Source: https://news.gallup.com/poll/329708/lgbt-identification-rises-latest-estimate.aspx)

What are your objectives for your year in office?

Introduce safe areas for those who need a physical private space to calm down as well as those who need a private space to practice prayer.

Allow the option for staff/students to include preferred pronouns on lanyards in the hopes to create a safer environment for those wishing to experiment with gender identity.

What policies would you deliver if you were elected as Students' Union Vice President?

Implementing student engagement boards in all buildings. There is one in the SU lounge that can be expanded on, each building has a unique atmosphere with unique needs, problems and networks. It will allow different courses to connect and collaborate and would be great for societies to advertise to people who don’t go to the SU lounge often, allowing everyone a place to be seen or see something.

I’m aware that those with health problems that require specific meals or eating at specific times can feel excluded by the university and are often forced to spend money at local business or suffer. This should be taken into consideration. The university should supply student appliances, those with dietary needs should not be limited to cold leftovers and sandwiches.


What skills and experience do you bring to the role that makes you the best candidate?

As a member of the steering committee and previous PAL I’m aware of the standard university paperwork and the workings of the Students' Union. Both these roles provided me with experience in leadership and authority. As a PAL I was a friendly supportive face and was given the opportunity to go to Manchester for the annual PALS convention which allowed me to hone my charisma and connect with people from around the UK. Before university I was a member of NCS youth board, a program that promoted social action and allowed me to help causes in my local area, it required a passion for others which is something I still carry to this day.

Why should students vote for you as the 2021/22 Students' Union Vice President?

I want every student to feel like their voice is being heard, and that they feel like they can fully access university. University is often seen as a place for self-expression, it has allowed me to overcome hurdles and grow as a person. Everybody at NUA deserves to grow into a better professional, and I wish to aid them if there are things preventing that. If our university can create and ideal environment where there is harmony and empowerment for all, then those educated here will receive an education not only in their subject but also an education in the possible shape of the world beyond uni. Inclusion, progress, and expression must be carefully cultivated and if NUA can sow the seeds then the world can benefit later.


 the other candidates:

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