President Candidate:

James Maynard



Proposer: Magdalena Sobolewska

Seconder:  Kara Batey

James Maynard SUP Headshot.JPG

Why should students place their vote with you?

Having been at NUA of 4 years, I have experienced all sides of student life (Student housing + Private landlords, societies, night life, and mental health services to name a few), I have an understanding of what needs improving within the Norwich student experience, both in terms of quality of life issues (getting along with housemates) to academic issues (lack of accessibility and transparency in administrative level communication i.e. grading and complains procedures) that can negatively affect student experience.

What is the main change you want to see at NUA?

NUA life doesn’t begin and end at the Duke Street entrance. It covers all of Norwich, from the market to the nightclubs to Chapelfield to the river, and every aspect should help make students feel comfortable and happy during their time here.

I want to see NUA take a bigger role in making Norwich a safer and friendlier place for students, via such things as improving mental health services, giving a bigger voice to minority groups and offering greater transparency of discussions taking place that will affect the wellbeing and education of the student body.

What skills and experience do you bring to the role that make you the best candidate?

For the past 3 years I have been the President of both the Pride Society and the Tabletop Games Society, providing active and meaningful meetings and events for both groups, whilst listening to their concerns and advocating for better inclusivity for LGBT+ students with our Liberation Officers. I have also worked with the SU previously in helping discuss and improve important topics such as spiking, transphobia and mental health, and have not been shy in being outspoken on these issues.

What policies would you deliver if you became Students’ Union President?

· Improved mental health services for NUA students, looking to extend the partnership with the Norwich Centre from 6 weeks to 12.

· Subsidised parking our commuter students.

· Improved transparency and accessibility in the administrative community with the student body. Where is our money going? What happens with my complaint?

· Improving the access to gender-neutral toilets and availability of hygiene products.

· Better support for our international students, both who have grown up here and are entirely new to the community.

· More collaboration opportunities between courses.

· Improved safety in nightclubs.

· A NUA ran space similar to Waterfront, but for NUA/UEA students only.

What would you want to be remembered for after you completed your year as President?

I want to be remembered for helping anyone and everyone with their issues, regardless of how big and small they may be. Everyone feels embarrassed asking for help sometimes, even with a major issue they are dealing with, and I want to be the friendly face they know they can always turn to for advice and help. If I can do that and make others happy, I’ll be happy.


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 the other candidates:

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