President Candidate:

Natalie Lanzalaco



Proposer: Nat Dalkiewicz

Seconder: Josie Bell 

What is the main change you want to see at NUA?

  • Get more recognition of student rights from the Government to ensure greater support systems.

  • I want to expand our mental health services at NUA and ensure all students are cared for. 

What skills and experience do you bring to the role that make you the best candidate?

  • I’ve led the Union during the COVID crisis: as well as securing funding, additional positions and speaking truth to power.

  • Strong relationships with Students’ Unions up and down the country: working at the frontline of national student campaigns, to launch a tuition fee refund at NUA. 

  • Secured an additional £22k of funding for our SU: equating to a huge 50% funding increase that secured the VP role, allowing more time to go into clubs & socs.

  • Campaigning for improved diversity, inclusion and welfare is fundamental: this is why I created the Vice President role to ensure these issues are taken from the heart of the SU to the top of the university.

  • Fought for students in a time of crisis: ensured safety net policy, pushing on rental rebates and lobbying the University throughout the pandemic.

  • Not just a number: Knowing how it feels to lose your degree show and graduation ceremony, I will continue to fight to secure these essential events for all cohorts.

  • A trusted pair of hands: I’ve established excellent relationships with the NUA Senior Management, local government and NUS. 

  • I understand the issues that matter to NUA students.

What are your objectives for your year in office?

  1. Fight for tuition refunds: Collaborate with NUS and other SUs to secure refunds for loss of education and working nationally for a radical approach to scrap tuition fees.

  2. Make up for lost time:  secure a graduation ceremony for all that have missed out.

  3. Restart the party: deliver the best Freshers for all years.

  4. NUA market stalls: continue to develop places around campus for students to sell their work. 

  5. Lobby for students’ rights: continue existing work at NUA and with local Government.

  6. Cement Wellbeing as part of the curriculum: deliver workshops to open up discussion around student mental health.

  7. Fight for no detriment policies and push for rental rebates

What policies would you deliver if you were elected as Students' Union President?

  • Making NUA more inclusive: 

    • making name changes for students easier;

    • the option to add pronouns;

    • investment in gender neutral toilets that don’t combine facilities;

    • a multi-faith and quiet room for students. 

  • Campaign with NUA to declare a climate emergency.

  • Get microwaves and kettles on campus.

  • Create a men’s mental health group.

Why should students vote for you as the 2021/22 Students' Union President?

I’ve been an NUA student in a pandemic and steered the union during this time whilst securing an additional £22k of funding – The experience I’ve gained navigating the SU through the current pandemic is unmatched.

Action I’ve taken for you:

  1. Expanding the SU – securing the Vice President role.

  2. Working with Clive Lewis to ensure support for students during the pandemic. 

  3. Lobbied with other SU’s to the Government to increase the NUA Hardship Fund.

  4. Written to Boris Johnson and Education Ministers to specifically address the issues in my manifesto.

  5. Lobbied for facilities to open as quickly as possible with Guild HE.


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