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Islamic Student Society

The Islamic society is here to welcome and facilitate Muslim students and people of faith at NUA, creating a small community in which they can find and help each other settle into NUA and Norwich. We ensure to provide a safe space and environment for them, as well as introducing them to the multi-faith and quiet room that the university provides making it easier to continue to practise their faith together. We will be holding social interacting and fun events throughout the year including significant Islamic events such as Eid, Ramadan etc, with the hope that they feel more at home at NUA & Norwich.

Get involved

Membership of this society is free. 

You can join the society via social media and during our in-person events which are posted regularly on Instagram and our Facebook Group. 

Society Contact:

Quran and Prayer Beads

Socials and Events 

We run regular in-person and online events which are promoted via our social media. 

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