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Fancy seeing your design on the back of the next NUA SU merch, as well as winning £50?... 

NUA Students' Union is asking you to create a design to go on the back of the next NUA SU t-shirt and hoodie. We want your designs to be a response to ‘student life at NUA’. To you, this might mean Norwich as a city, NUA campus, being an art student, the Students’ Union... You can interpret the brief however you would like!      


Students will vote for their favourite designs, one of which will go on the back of the hoodie, and the other will go on the back of the t-shirt.


The new NUA SU merch will go on sale at the start of the next academic year in September. 

You can include as many colours as you would like in your design, and when you submit it let us know which of the five t-shirt and hoodie colours (light grey marl, white, black, navy or dark grey marl) you would like to see your design on. You may wish to include your name/signature/social media handle in your design.


Please note that the official NUA 'N'/NUA logo cannot be used in your design.  

How to submit your design(s)

Submission deadline: 

9am on Monday 19th August 

You are able to submit as many designs as you would like before the deadline. 


325mm x 390mm (or 1230px x 1480px)

Please send your design(s) to, exported as CMYK and 300 ppi. 

In your email please also include:

- Your full name

- Your student number

- (if you would like to) your social media handle

- Which of the five t-shirt and hoodie colours (light grey marl, white, black, navy or dark grey marl) you   iii      would like to see your design on

Who can enter?

All enrolled NUA UG and PG students can enter the competition. 

Please note that the competition is not open to NUA alumni or members of the public.


After the submission deadline, NUA SU staff will shortlist submissions ahead of asking the NUA student body to vote for their favourite designs. The two designs with the most votes will be the two winning designs. One of the winning designs will be printed on the back of the NUA SU t-shirt, and the second winning design will be printed on the back of the NUA SU hoodie. The vote poll is live at:, and will finish on Monday 26th August. The results of the vote can be requested (once voting has finished and the winning designs have been announced) by contacting

By submitting your design to NUA SU, you are giving NUA SU the right to reproduce your design for the purpose of the competition and SU merchandise promotion and sales. This will include (but not restricted to) the student vote for the winning designs, printing of the designs on clothing, promotion of the NUA SU clothing. 

The two prizes of £50 will be awarded by NUA SU to the student(s) who have entered the two winning designs. The prize money of £50 (x2) will be awarded via bank transfer. This is non-negotiable. 


Any design that incorporates the NUA logo will not be considered for shortlisting. (SU staff will contact any student who enters an entry that includes the NUA logo to remind them of this).  

NUA Students' Union is not obliged to adopt any entry, winning or not.

By entering the NUA SU clothing competition you are confirming that you have read and understood these conditions.

One winning design will be printed on the NUA SU hoodie, and the winner will receive £50. 


The other winning design will be printed on the NUA SU t-shirt, and the winner will also receive £50.

The £50 prize money (for each of the two winning designs) was calculated by thinking most students would spend around 4-5 hours on the design, and therefore be paid roughly £10 an hour. The winning designs will only be used for one print run of clothing. We will be selling the clothing at a loss, as our priority is not to make a profit from these sales. Instead we want to provide students with a promotional platform and offer students new opportunities to buy SU merchandise, that has come about from student feedback.

As well as awarding the prize money, the Students' Union will use the SU clothing as a promotional platform for the winning designer(s). The name (and social media handles if provided) of the designer(s) will be heavily promoted, allowing students to also use this competition as a promotional tool.